MANAGING THE EVENT LOOP PHASES ⭕️ — Node JS Performance Optimizations

MANAGING THE EVENT LOOP PHASES — Node JS Performance Optimizations

In this first video of my Node JS Performance Optimizations series, I show you how to level up you Node JS skills by managing the Event Loop phases the right way. I provide simple, yet in depth explanations and examples of how the Event Loop works as well as how to best interact with it to write performant Node apps.

The tutorial is divided into 4 main sections:

Quick Points about Node JS

Before diving in to the detail of what makes the Event Loop tick (mind the pun 😎), I go over a few basic points that everyone needs to first understand about Node and the Event Loop.

Async Functions

In this section I provide an overview of the the 5 asynchronous functions you can use to interact with the Event Loop.

Node JS Async Functions
Node JS Async Functions

Phases of the Event Loop

Using a simple diagram of the Event Loop, I explain the 5 main phases that make up a Cycle (Tick) and what each phase is used for.

Diagram of Phases of the Node JS Event Loop
Diagram of Phases of the Node JS Event Loop

The Event Loop in Action

I demo in realtime how to interact with the Event Loop using the 5 mentioned asynchronous functions.

Performance Tips

Finally, I provide a few quick tips on how to write good, performant Node JS applications.

Till next time. Cheers 🙂

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